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some synthesis code

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......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ void compute_band_energy(float *bandE, const kiss_fft_cpx *X) {
void interp_band_gain(float *g, const float *bandE) {
int i;
memset(g, 0, FREQ_SIZE);
for (i=0;i<NB_BANDS;i++)
int j;
......@@ -149,27 +150,74 @@ static void rnnoise_process_frame(DenoiseState *st, float *out, const float *in)
frame_synthesis(st, out, y);
int main() {
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
int i;
float x[FRAME_SIZE];
float n[FRAME_SIZE];
float xn[FRAME_SIZE];
FILE *f1, *f2, *fout;
DenoiseState *st;
DenoiseState *noisy;
st = rnnoise_create();
noisy = rnnoise_create();
f1 = fopen(argv[1], "r");
f2 = fopen(argv[2], "r");
fout = fopen(argv[3], "w");
for(i=0;i<150;i++) {
short tmp[FRAME_SIZE];
fread(tmp, sizeof(short), FRAME_SIZE, f2);
while (1) {
kiss_fft_cpx X[FREQ_SIZE], Y[FREQ_SIZE];
float Ex[NB_BANDS], Ey[NB_BANDS];
float g[NB_BANDS];
float gf[FREQ_SIZE];
short tmp[FRAME_SIZE];
fread(tmp, sizeof(short), FRAME_SIZE, f1);
if (feof(f1)) break;
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++) x[i] = tmp[i];
fread(tmp, sizeof(short), FRAME_SIZE, f2);
if (feof(f2)) break;
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++) n[i] = tmp[i];
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++) xn[i] = x[i] + 3*n[i];
frame_analysis(st, X, x);
frame_analysis(noisy, Y, xn);
compute_band_energy(Ex, X);
compute_band_energy(Ey, Y);
for (i=0;i<NB_BANDS;i++) {
g[i] = sqrt((Ex[i]+1e-15)/(Ey[i]+1e-15));
if (g[i] > 1) g[i] = 1;
interp_band_gain(gf, g);
#if 1
for (i=0;i<NB_BANDS;i++) printf("%f ", g[i]);
#if 1
for (i=0;i<FREQ_SIZE;i++) {
Y[i].r *= gf[i];
Y[i].i *= gf[i];
frame_synthesis(noisy, xn, Y);
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++) tmp[i] = xn[i];
fwrite(tmp, sizeof(short), FRAME_SIZE, fout);
#if 0
memset(x, 0, sizeof(x));
x[0] = 1;
x[1] = -1;
//opus_fft(kfft, x, y, 0);
//forward_transform(y, x);
//compute_band_energy(bandE, y);
//inverse_transform(x, y);
/*for (i=0;i<2*FRAME_SIZE;i++)
printf("%f %f\n", y[i].r, y[i].i);*/
/*for (i=0;i<NB_BANDS;i++)
printf("%f\n", bandE[i]);*/
rnnoise_process_frame(st, x, x);
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++)
printf("%f\n", x[i]);
rnnoise_process_frame(st, x, x);
for (i=0;i<FRAME_SIZE;i++)
printf("%f\n", x[i]);
return 0;
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