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training code

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from __future__ import print_function
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.models import Model
from keras.layers import Input
from keras.layers import Dense
from keras.layers import LSTM
from keras.layers import GRU
from keras.layers import SimpleRNN
from keras.layers import Dropout
from keras import losses
import h5py
from keras import backend as K
import numpy as np
print('Build model...')
main_input = Input(shape=(None, 22), name='main_input')
#x = Dense(44, activation='relu')(main_input)
#x = GRU(44, dropout=0.0, recurrent_dropout=0.0, activation='tanh', recurrent_activation='sigmoid', return_sequences=True)(x)
x = GRU(128, activation='tanh', recurrent_activation='sigmoid', return_sequences=True)(x)
#x = GRU(128, return_sequences=True)(x)
#x = GRU(22, activation='relu', return_sequences=True)(x)
x = Dense(22, activation='sigmoid')(x)
#x = Dense(22, activation='softplus')(x)
model = Model(inputs=main_input, outputs=x)
batch_size = 32
print('Loading data...')
with h5py.File('denoise_data.h5', 'r') as hf:
all_data = hf['denoise_data'][:]
window_size = 500
nb_sequences = len(all_data)//window_size
print(nb_sequences, ' sequences')
x_train = all_data[:nb_sequences*window_size, :-22]
x_train = np.reshape(x_train, (nb_sequences, window_size, 22))
y_train = np.copy(all_data[:nb_sequences*window_size, -22:])
y_train = np.reshape(y_train, (nb_sequences, window_size, 22))
#y_train = -20*np.log10(np.add(y_train, .03));
all_data = 0;
x_train = x_train.astype('float32')
y_train = y_train.astype('float32')
print(len(x_train), 'train sequences. x shape =', x_train.shape, 'y shape = ', y_train.shape)
# try using different optimizers and different optimizer configs
model.fit(x_train, y_train,
validation_data=(x_train, y_train))
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