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Split help text in oggenc into manageable chunks to help translators. Patch...

Split help text in oggenc into manageable chunks to help translators.  Patch by Benno Schulenberg.  Closes #1385

svn path=/trunk/vorbis-tools/; revision=15062
parent f20169f4
......@@ -7,12 +7,14 @@ vorbis-tools 1.2.1 -- Unreleased
* ogg123: backported fix from libfishsound to patch the Speex decoder (#1347)
* ogg123: fixed CPU issue when outputting to a closed pipe (#1357)
* ogg123: return value to stop decoding after buffer is shut down (#1357)
* oggdec: gettextized help text (#1385)
* oggenc: fixed a core dump while resampling from FLAC (#1316)
* oggenc: fixed a typo in the Skeleton handling routine
* oggenc: fixed remapping channels bug (#1326)
* oggenc: support for WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE headers (#1326)
* oggenc: support for 32 bit WAV files (#1326)
* oggenc: --ignorelength; support for WAV files > 4 GB (#1326)
* oggenc: split help text into manageable chunks to help translators (#1385)
* ogginfo: support for information in Kate streams (#1360)
* vcut: 64 bit fixes (#1366)
* vorbiscomment: correct memory allocation (#472)
......@@ -396,67 +396,78 @@ clear_all:
static void usage(void)
fprintf(stdout, _(
"Usage: oggenc [options] inputfile [...]\n"
fprintf(stdout, _(
" General:\n"
" -Q, --quiet Produce no output to stderr\n"
" -h, --help Print this help text\n"
" -v, --version Print the version number\n"
" -v, --version Print the version number\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -k, --skeleton Adds an Ogg Skeleton bitstream\n"
" -r, --raw Raw mode. Input files are read directly as PCM data\n"
" -B, --raw-bits=n Set bits/sample for raw input. Default is 16\n"
" -C, --raw-chan=n Set number of channels for raw input. Default is 2\n"
" -R, --raw-rate=n Set samples/sec for raw input. Default is 44100\n"
" --raw-endianness 1 for bigendian, 0 for little (defaults to 0)\n"
" -B, --raw-bits=n Set bits/sample for raw input; default is 16\n"
" -C, --raw-chan=n Set number of channels for raw input; default is 2\n"
" -R, --raw-rate=n Set samples/sec for raw input; default is 44100\n"
" --raw-endianness 1 for bigendian, 0 for little (defaults to 0)\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -b, --bitrate Choose a nominal bitrate to encode at. Attempt\n"
" to encode at a bitrate averaging this. Takes an\n"
" argument in kbps. By default, this produces a VBR\n"
" encoding, equivalent to using -q or --quality.\n"
" See the --managed option to use a managed bitrate\n"
" targetting the selected bitrate.\n"
" targetting the selected bitrate.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" --managed Enable the bitrate management engine. This will allow\n"
" much greater control over the precise bitrate(s) used,\n"
" but encoding will be much slower. Don't use it unless\n"
" you have a strong need for detailed control over\n"
" bitrate, such as for streaming.\n"
" bitrate, such as for streaming.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -m, --min-bitrate Specify a minimum bitrate (in kbps). Useful for\n"
" encoding for a fixed-size channel. Using this will\n"
" automatically enable managed bitrate mode (see\n"
" --managed).\n"
" -M, --max-bitrate Specify a maximum bitrate in kbps. Useful for\n"
" streaming applications. Using this will automatically\n"
" enable managed bitrate mode (see --managed).\n"
" enable managed bitrate mode (see --managed).\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" --advanced-encode-option option=value\n"
" Sets an advanced encoder option to the given value.\n"
" The valid options (and their values) are documented\n"
" in the man page supplied with this program. They are\n"
" for advanced users only, and should be used with\n"
" caution.\n"
" caution.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -q, --quality Specify quality, between -1 (very low) and 10 (very\n"
" high), instead of specifying a particular bitrate.\n"
" This is the normal mode of operation.\n"
" Fractional qualities (e.g. 2.75) are permitted\n"
" The default quality level is 3.\n"
" The default quality level is 3.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" --resample n Resample input data to sampling rate n (Hz)\n"
" --downmix Downmix stereo to mono. Only allowed on stereo\n"
" input.\n"
" -s, --serial Specify a serial number for the stream. If encoding\n"
" multiple files, this will be incremented for each\n"
" stream after the first.\n"
" stream after the first.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" --discard-comments Prevents comments in FLAC and Ogg FLAC files from\n"
" being copied to the output Ogg Vorbis file.\n"
" --ignorelength Ignore the datalength in wav headers. This will allow\n"
" support for files > 4GB and STDIN data streams. \n"
fprintf(stdout, _(
" Naming:\n"
" -o, --output=fn Write file to fn (only valid in single-file mode)\n"
" -n, --names=string Produce filenames as this string, with %%a, %%t, %%l,\n"
" %%n, %%d replaced by artist, title, album, track number,\n"
" and date, respectively (see below for specifying these).\n"
" %%%% gives a literal %%.\n"
" %%%% gives a literal %%.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -X, --name-remove=s Remove the specified characters from parameters to the\n"
" -n format string. Useful to ensure legal filenames.\n"
" -P, --name-replace=s Replace characters removed by --name-remove with the\n"
......@@ -464,16 +475,19 @@ static void usage(void)
" --name-remove list or is not specified, the extra\n"
" characters are just removed.\n"
" Default settings for the above two arguments are platform\n"
" specific.\n"
" specific.\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -c, --comment=c Add the given string as an extra comment. This may be\n"
" used multiple times. The argument should be in the\n"
" format \"tag=value\".\n"
" -d, --date Date for track (usually date of performance)\n"
" -d, --date Date for track (usually date of performance)\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" -N, --tracknum Track number for this track\n"
" -t, --title Title for this track\n"
" -l, --album Name of album\n"
" -a, --artist Name of artist\n"
" -G, --genre Genre of track\n"
" -G, --genre Genre of track\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" If multiple input files are given, then multiple\n"
" instances of the previous five arguments will be used,\n"
" in the order they are given. If fewer titles are\n"
......@@ -482,8 +496,9 @@ static void usage(void)
" track numbers are given, the remaining files will be\n"
" unnumbered. For the others, the final tag will be reused\n"
" for all others without warning (so you can specify a date\n"
" once, for example, and have it used for all the files)\n"
" once, for example, and have it used for all the files)\n"));
fprintf(stdout, _(
" OggEnc input files must currently be 24, 16, or 8 bit PCM WAV, AIFF, or AIFF/C\n"
" files, 32 bit IEEE floating point WAV, and optionally FLAC or Ogg FLAC. Files\n"
......@@ -494,7 +509,7 @@ static void usage(void)
" You can specify taking the file from stdin by using - as the input filename.\n"
" In this mode, output is to stdout unless an output filename is specified\n"
" with -o\n"
static int strncpy_filtered(char *dst, char *src, int len, char *remove_list,
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