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Remove old TODO file, using trac tickets instead

- #2104 (Check: Bytes sent and time listening might be broken?)
- #2105 (Make config option (-c) optional?)
- #2106 (Pull vorbis comments (metadata) and send to stats)
- #2107 (Provide a way for YP Dirs to check streams)
- #1944 (Rework STATS interface)
- W3C Extended Logging was never requested by someone
- Sending intros is already possible
- #2108 (Registrable URL handlers in connection.c instead of hardcoded list)
- #2109 (Abstract admin functionality to set of commands and handlers)
- #2110 (Timer-based functionalities should use single timer thread)
- #2111 (Race condition in fserv.c?)
- #2112 (Locks on avl client_trees needed?)
parent a272968a
- logging - bytes send and time listening may both be broken?
- Should icecast automatically (i.e. without needing -c) look for the config
file in /etc/icecast.xml or something?
- pull out vorbis comments. and send to stats. This seems to be being
done, but it isn't working right.
- directory server GUID checks
directory server does GET /GUID-asldjfasldfjalsdkfjasldkfj HTTP/1.0
and either gets a 404 if it's wrong, or a 200 if it's correct.
- adding new stats type, event. events don't modify the global stats tree,
ie, source /1234.ogg disconnected
- support W3C Extended Logging (
toggle between this and Apache Combined Log Format in the config file.
default to apache style.
- allow using get_predata() stuff to send an "intro" to any newly-connected
- general registerable url-handlers in connection.c rather than hard-coded list
(already getting unmaintainable)
- httpp - split out query string for further processing
- abstract all admin functionality to a set of commands, and command handlers.
Make /admin/* just parse according to a set of rules, and dispatch generic
commands through that.
Use this for alternative admin interfaces (GUI? telnet interface?)
- all timer-based functionality (yp updates, slave/relay checks) should have a
single timer thread which dispatches events through the normal event
mechanism (to worker threads from the main pool). This will reduce the
extraneous thread count.
- race condition between avl_tree_unlock(pending_tree) and
thread_cond_wait(&fserv_cond) in fserv.c, it's a pain to fix but should be.
- do we need to use locks on the avl client_trees in source.c and fserv.c?
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