Commit 1fe898ad authored by Philipp Schafft's avatar Philipp Schafft 🦁
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allow comments to be within the <http-headers> block, not just at the end

svn path=/icecast/trunk/icecast/; revision=19342
parent 558cff06
......@@ -880,7 +880,7 @@ static void _parse_http_headers(xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr node, ice_config_http_
do {
if (node == NULL) break;
if (xmlIsBlankNode(node)) continue;
if (xmlStrcmp (node->name, XMLSTR("header")) != 0) break;
if (xmlStrcmp (node->name, XMLSTR("header")) != 0) continue;
if (!(name = (char *)xmlGetProp(node, XMLSTR("name")))) break;
if (!(value = (char *)xmlGetProp(node, XMLSTR("value")))) break;
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