Commit d739c65e authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz
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Fix invalid entities in listclient xml

This fixes a bug where listener Referer or User-Agent strings containing
a sequence like `&T;` was not escaped properly and therefore made the
whole XML document invalid.
Injecting new XML nodes (<foo></foo>) was not possible, it seems in the
worse case all it could cause was that the XML failed to parse.

Fix #2255
parent 23552719
......@@ -680,20 +680,20 @@ static inline xmlNodePtr __add_listener(client_t *client,
tmp = httpp_getvar(client->parser, "user-agent");
if (tmp)
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR(mode == OMODE_LEGACY ? "UserAgent" : "useragent"), XMLSTR(tmp));
xmlNewTextChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR(mode == OMODE_LEGACY ? "UserAgent" : "useragent"), XMLSTR(tmp));
tmp = httpp_getvar(client->parser, "referer");
if (tmp)
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("referer"), XMLSTR(tmp));
xmlNewTextChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("referer"), XMLSTR(tmp));
snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%lu", (unsigned long)(now - client->con->con_time));
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR(mode == OMODE_LEGACY ? "Connected" : "connected"), XMLSTR(buf));
if (client->username)
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("username"), XMLSTR(client->username));
xmlNewTextChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("username"), XMLSTR(client->username));
if (client->role)
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("role"), XMLSTR(client->role));
xmlNewTextChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("role"), XMLSTR(client->role));
xmlNewChild(node, NULL, XMLSTR("tls"), XMLSTR(client->con->ssl ? "true" : "false"));
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