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    Enable partition : part 1, split down to 8x8 blocks · 5ecf002b
    Yushin Cho authored
    This is part 1 of ongoing work of enabling partition encoding.
    Every SuperBlock is partitioned down to 8x8 partitions,
    where pre-existing RDO mode decision decides intra modes
    (among three, DC_PRED, HORZ_PRED. VERT_PRED) for the 8x8 partition.
    If input image size is not multiple of 8 pixels,
    the coded image is padded to be multiple of 8 pixels in both width and height.
    TEST: subset1 images.
    cargo build --bin rav1e --release
    rm test.ivf test_rec.y4m test_dec.y4m
    ./target/release/rav1e /home/yushin/sequences/subset1-y4m/125_-_Québec_-_Pont_de_Québec_de_nuit_-_Septembre_2009.y4m -o test.ivf  -r test_rec.y4m --quantizer 50
    ./aom_test/aomdec test.ivf -o test_dec.y4m -v
    mpv --keep-open test_dec.y4m &
    mpv --keep-open test_rec.y4m &
    1. Fix partition down to 4x4 blocks, which will include fixing
       has_chroma() function
    2. RDO-based block size decision
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