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    Add basic support for nonzero motion vectors (#485) · 83fcc030
    fbossen authored
    * Add motion vector paramater to inter prediction function
    Motion vector is read from added data field in Block structure
    * Add reference frame and motion vector fields/parameters
    Reference frame and motion vector are added fields to the
    RDOOutput structure and added parameters to the block
    encoding function
    * Fix inter prediction function for nonzero MVs
    * Add call to encode new motion vector
    * Import default cdfs for MV coding from libaom
    * Fix handling of MV precision in MV coding function
    * Add coding of DRL mode
    * Add motion vector stack
    * Add new MV counter to correctly determine context
    * Use motion vectors in MV stack for prediction
    * Sort MV stack according to weights
    Also update weights after near search
    * Fix log2() function
    * Compute correct context for DRL flag
    * Store MVs with 1/8 pel precision and fix MV generation
    * Add some basic motion estimation
    Motion estimation is full search (+/-16 pel range in 2-pel increments) and
    is done independently for each block
    * Fix chroma motion compensation for small blocks
    Chroma motion compensation sometimes happens on 2x2 basis
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