Commit 06204913 authored by Romain Vimont's avatar Romain Vimont Committed by Romain Vimont

Add checkpoint structure for BlockContext

BlockContext::checkpoint() returned a whole copy of BlockContext, while
only a subset of its fields were actually part of the checkpoint. The
other fields, unused, were filled by default values.

Instead, use a structure dedicated to BlockContext checkpoints,
containing only the relevant fields.
parent 65bd158b
......@@ -1283,6 +1283,15 @@ impl IndexMut<usize> for FrameBlocks {
pub struct BlockContextCheckpoint {
cdef_coded: bool,
above_partition_context: Vec<u8>,
left_partition_context: [u8; MAX_MIB_SIZE],
above_coeff_context: [Vec<u8>; PLANES],
left_coeff_context: [[u8; MAX_MIB_SIZE]; PLANES],
pub struct BlockContext {
pub cols: usize,
......@@ -1325,25 +1334,17 @@ impl BlockContext {
pub fn checkpoint(&mut self) -> BlockContext {
BlockContext {
cols: self.cols,
rows: self.rows,
pub fn checkpoint(&mut self) -> BlockContextCheckpoint {
BlockContextCheckpoint {
cdef_coded: self.cdef_coded,
code_deltas: self.code_deltas,
update_seg: self.update_seg,
preskip_segid: self.preskip_segid,
above_partition_context: self.above_partition_context.clone(),
left_partition_context: self.left_partition_context,
above_coeff_context: self.above_coeff_context.clone(),
left_coeff_context: self.left_coeff_context,
blocks: FrameBlocks::new(0, 0),
pub fn rollback(&mut self, checkpoint: &BlockContext) {
self.cols = checkpoint.cols;
self.rows = checkpoint.rows;
pub fn rollback(&mut self, checkpoint: &BlockContextCheckpoint) {
self.cdef_coded = checkpoint.cdef_coded;
self.above_partition_context = checkpoint.above_partition_context.clone();
self.left_partition_context = checkpoint.left_partition_context;
......@@ -1843,7 +1844,7 @@ pub fn av1_get_coded_tx_size(tx_size: TxSize) -> TxSize {
pub struct ContextWriterCheckpoint {
pub fc: CDFContext,
pub bc: BlockContext
pub bc: BlockContextCheckpoint,
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