Commit 077bd66f authored by Ewout ter Hoeven's avatar Ewout ter Hoeven Committed by Luca Barbato

Splitting off Doc job again

Splitting off Doc job again since it's now the bottleneck
parent a6fd924e
......@@ -26,11 +26,12 @@ before_install:
- cargo install cargo-kcov
- name: "Build, Doc & Coveralls"
- name: "Build & Coveralls"
script: cargo build --verbose &&
cargo doc --verbose &&
cargo kcov --coveralls --features=decode_test -- --verify --exclude-pattern=$HOME/.cargo,aom_build,.h,test
- name: "Tests"
script: cargo test --verbose --release --features=decode_test -- --ignored
- name: "Bench"
script: cargo bench --verbose
- name: "Doc"
script: cargo doc --verbose
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