Commit 156cc72e authored by Romain Vimont's avatar Romain Vimont Committed by Thomas Daede

Parallelize tile encoding

Use par_iter_mut() from Rayon to call encode_tile() for each tile
context in parallel.
parent 036c4210
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ use crate::header::*;
use arg_enum_proc_macro::ArgEnum;
use bitstream_io::{BitWriter, BigEndian};
use bincode::{serialize, deserialize};
use rayon::iter::*;
use std;
use std::{fmt, io, mem};
use std::io::Write;
......@@ -2100,7 +2101,7 @@ fn encode_tile_group<T: Pixel>(fi: &FrameInvariants<T>, fs: &mut FrameState<T>)
.tile_iter_mut(fs, &mut blocks)
.map(|(ref mut ctx, cdf)| encode_tile(fi, &mut ctx.ts, cdf, &mut ctx.tb))
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