Commit 22042e25 authored by Nathan E. Egge's avatar Nathan E. Egge Committed by Nathan Egge

Remove padded_w and padded_h from FrameInvariants.

parent ef3297d1
......@@ -532,8 +532,6 @@ pub struct FrameInvariants {
pub sequence: Sequence,
pub width: usize,
pub height: usize,
pub padded_w: usize,
pub padded_h: usize,
pub sb_width: usize,
pub sb_height: usize,
pub w_in_b: usize,
......@@ -599,8 +597,6 @@ impl FrameInvariants {
width: config.width,
height: config.height,
padded_w: config.width.align_power_of_two(3),
padded_h: config.height.align_power_of_two(3),
sb_width: config.width.align_power_of_two_and_shift(6),
sb_height: config.height.align_power_of_two_and_shift(6),
w_in_b: 2 * config.width.align_power_of_two_and_shift(3), // MiCols, ((width+7)/8)<<3 >> MI_SIZE_LOG2
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