Unverified Commit 27427d0c authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews Committed by GitHub

build: draw more attention to desync (#918)

parent 33a9038a
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ ${AOM_TEST}/aomdec $ENC_FILE -o $DEC_FILE
# Input/Output compare
tail -n+2 $DEC_FILE > /tmp/dec_file
tail -n+2 $REC_FILE > /tmp/rec_file
cmp /tmp/dec_file /tmp/rec_file
cmp /tmp/dec_file /tmp/rec_file || printf '\e[1;31m%-6s\e[m\n\n' 'Desync detected!!!' && exit 1
# Daala tools support coming soon
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