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# Contributing # Contributing
## Coding style ## Toolchain
Check code formatting with [rustfmt]( before submitting a PR. rav1e uses the stable version of Rust (the stable toolchain).
rav1e currently uses the nightly version of rustfmt.
To install nightly:
To install the toolchain:
``` ```
rustup install nightly rustup install stable
``` ```
To install the nightly version of rustfmt:
## Coding style
Check code formatting with [rustfmt]( before submitting a PR.
To install the rustfmt:
``` ```
rustup component add rustfmt-preview --toolchain nightly rustup component add rustfmt
``` ```
then then
``` ```
cargo +nightly fmt -- --check cargo fmt -- --check
``` ```
You should also try [clippy](
Rust also uses nightly for clippy. ## Code Analysis
The [clippy]( will help catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code.
We recommend you use it before submitting a PR.
To install clippy: To install clippy:
``` ```
rustup component add clippy-preview --toolchain nightly rustup component add clippy
``` ```
then then you can search "cargo clippy" in [.travis.yml]( for detailed command and run it.
cargo +nightly clippy
## Testing ## Testing
Run unit tests with: Run unit tests with:
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