Commit 52a01a3f authored by Romain Vimont's avatar Romain Vimont Committed by Thomas Daede

Rename frame/tile variables in motion estimation

This helps to know whether the values are relative to the current tile
or to the whole frame.
parent b952ad48
......@@ -1161,14 +1161,14 @@ pub fn motion_compensate<T: Pixel>(
pub fn save_block_motion<T: Pixel>(
ts: &mut TileStateMut<'_, T>,
w_in_b: usize, h_in_b: usize,
bsize: BlockSize, bo: BlockOffset,
bsize: BlockSize, tile_bo: BlockOffset,
ref_frame: usize, mv: MotionVector,
) {
let tile_mvs = &mut ts.mvs[ref_frame];
let bo_x_end = (bo.x + bsize.width_mi()).min(w_in_b);
let bo_y_end = (bo.y + bsize.height_mi()).min(h_in_b);
for mi_y in bo.y..bo_y_end {
for mi_x in bo.x..bo_x_end {
let tile_bo_x_end = (tile_bo.x + bsize.width_mi()).min(w_in_b);
let tile_bo_y_end = (tile_bo.y + bsize.height_mi()).min(h_in_b);
for mi_y in tile_bo.y..tile_bo_y_end {
for mi_x in tile_bo.x..tile_bo_x_end {
tile_mvs[mi_y][mi_x] = mv;
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