Commit 54526343 authored by Romain Vimont's avatar Romain Vimont Committed by Luca Barbato

Use non-padded dimensions from FrameInvariants

The loop restoration filter needs the dimensions of the non-padded
frame, that only FrameInvariants knows.

On construction, RestorationState created a clipped version of the
PlaneConfigs, that was used in lrf_filter_frame() to get the non-padded

Instead, directly pass &FrameInvariants to lrf_filter_frame().

This paves the way to remove clipped_cfg from RestorationState entirely,
to simplify tiling.
parent 2f86d510
......@@ -2748,7 +2748,7 @@ fn encode_tile(fi: &FrameInvariants, fs: &mut FrameState) -> Vec<u8> {
/* TODO: Don't apply if lossless */
if fi.sequence.enable_restoration {
fs.restoration.lrf_filter_frame(&mut fs.rec, &pre_cdef_frame, fi.sequence.bit_depth);
fs.restoration.lrf_filter_frame(&mut fs.rec, &pre_cdef_frame, &fi);
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