Commit 68c694f0 authored by Yushin Cho's avatar Yushin Cho Committed by Yushin Cho

Disable directional intra prediction again

Because it causes failure with intra tx partition depth = 2.
parent 8860ac27
...@@ -32,12 +32,14 @@ pub static RAV1E_INTRA_MODES: &'static [PredictionMode] = &[ ...@@ -32,12 +32,14 @@ pub static RAV1E_INTRA_MODES: &'static [PredictionMode] = &[
PredictionMode::SMOOTH_H_PRED, PredictionMode::SMOOTH_H_PRED,
PredictionMode::SMOOTH_V_PRED, PredictionMode::SMOOTH_V_PRED,
PredictionMode::PAETH_PRED, PredictionMode::PAETH_PRED,
PredictionMode::D45_PRED, // Disable directional intra prediction AGAIN, since it cause failure
// with intra tx partitioning depth = 2
/* PredictionMode::D45_PRED,
PredictionMode::D135_PRED, PredictionMode::D135_PRED,
PredictionMode::D117_PRED, PredictionMode::D117_PRED,
PredictionMode::D153_PRED, PredictionMode::D153_PRED,
PredictionMode::D207_PRED, PredictionMode::D207_PRED,
PredictionMode::D63_PRED, PredictionMode::D63_PRED, */
]; ];
// Intra prediction modes tested at high speed levels // Intra prediction modes tested at high speed levels
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