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Commit 6ecd3a78 authored by David Michael Barr's avatar David Michael Barr

Annotate prediction benchmarks with throughput

parent 4273e67d
...@@ -34,18 +34,35 @@ pub fn generate_block_u8(rng: &mut ChaChaRng) -> (Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>) { ...@@ -34,18 +34,35 @@ pub fn generate_block_u8(rng: &mut ChaChaRng) -> (Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>, Vec<u8>) {
(block, above_context, left_context) (block, above_context, left_context)
} }
pub fn bench_pred_fn<F>(c: &mut Criterion, id: &str, f: F)
F: FnMut(&mut Bencher) + 'static
let b = Benchmark::new(id, f);
if id.ends_with("_4x4_u8") {
} else if id.ends_with("_4x4") {
} else {
pub fn pred_bench(c: &mut Criterion) { pub fn pred_bench(c: &mut Criterion) {
c.bench_function("intra_dc_4x4", |b| intra_dc_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_dc_4x4", intra_dc_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_dc_128_4x4_u8", |b| intra_dc_128_4x4_u8(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_dc_128_4x4_u8", intra_dc_128_4x4_u8);
c.bench_function("intra_dc_left_4x4", |b| intra_dc_left_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_dc_left_4x4", intra_dc_left_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_dc_top_4x4", |b| intra_dc_top_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_dc_top_4x4", intra_dc_top_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_h_4x4", |b| intra_h_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_h_4x4", intra_h_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_v_4x4", |b| intra_v_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_v_4x4", intra_v_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_paeth_4x4", |b| intra_paeth_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_paeth_4x4", intra_paeth_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_smooth_4x4", |b| intra_smooth_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_smooth_4x4", intra_smooth_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_smooth_h_4x4", |b| intra_smooth_h_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_smooth_h_4x4", intra_smooth_h_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_smooth_v_4x4", |b| intra_smooth_v_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_smooth_v_4x4", intra_smooth_v_4x4);
c.bench_function("intra_cfl_4x4", |b| intra_cfl_4x4(b)); bench_pred_fn(c, "intra_cfl_4x4", intra_cfl_4x4);
} }
pub fn intra_dc_4x4(b: &mut Bencher) { pub fn intra_dc_4x4(b: &mut Bencher) {
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