Commit 7397a57f authored by Yushin Cho's avatar Yushin Cho Committed by Raphaël Zumer

Add comments on duplicated_rdo_tx_type() for top-down partition rdo (#645)

parent 6070c915
......@@ -1878,6 +1878,9 @@ fn encode_partition_topdown(seq: &Sequence, fi: &FrameInvariants, fs: &mut Frame
let mv =;
let mut cdef_coded = cw.bc.cdef_coded;
// NOTE: Cannot avoid calling rdo_tx_size_type() here again,
// because, with top-down partition RDO, the neighnoring contexts
// of current partition can change, i.e. neighboring partitions can split down more.
let (tx_size, tx_type) =
rdo_tx_size_type(seq, fi, fs, cw, bsize, bo, mode_luma, ref_frame, mv, skip);
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