Commit 8dbe46d5 authored by Thomas Daede's avatar Thomas Daede

Update README to refer to internal submodule for decompressing.

parent 13a3cdc4
......@@ -19,10 +19,9 @@ cargo run --bin rav1e --release input.y4m output.ivf
# Decompressing video
git clone
cd aom
git checkout 079acac180075232e8950851c71b07227801ce6f
./configure --enable-debug --enable-experimental --enable-new_multisymbol --disable-var_tx --disable-unit-tests --disable-smooth_hv
mkdir aom_test
cd aom_test
../aom_build/aom/configure --enable-debug --enable-experimental --enable-new_multisymbol --disable-var_tx --disable-unit-tests --disable-smooth_hv
make -j8
./aomdec ../output.ivf -o output.y4m
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