Commit a6fd924e authored by Ewout ter Hoeven's avatar Ewout ter Hoeven Committed by Luca Barbato

Update travis.yml with names and merge build, doc & coveralls

 - Adds names to jobs
 - Merges the 3 fastest stages (Build, Doc & Coveralls) to reduce system load
 - Fixes Coveralls by running it after build script
parent 37a6b438
......@@ -26,8 +26,11 @@ before_install:
- cargo install cargo-kcov
- script: cargo build --verbose
- script: cargo test --verbose --release --features=decode_test -- --ignored
- script: cargo bench --verbose
- script: cargo doc --verbose
- script: cargo kcov --coveralls --features=decode_test -- --verify --exclude-pattern=$HOME/.cargo,aom_build,.h,test
- name: "Build, Doc & Coveralls"
script: cargo build --verbose &&
cargo doc --verbose &&
cargo kcov --coveralls --features=decode_test -- --verify --exclude-pattern=$HOME/.cargo,aom_build,.h,test
- name: "Tests"
script: cargo test --verbose --release --features=decode_test -- --ignored
- name: "Bench"
script: cargo bench --verbose
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