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Add a glossary.

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Temporal Unit
The same as an AV1 temporal unit. In rav1e, a Temporal Unit always starts with a temporal delimiter, followed by zero or one sequence headers, one or more frame headers and zero or more tile groups.
Tile Group
Same as an AV1 tile group. Zero or more of these, plus a Frame Header, make up a Frame.
Frame Header
Same as an AV1 frame header. These are followed by a tile group, except when the show-existing-frame feature is used, in which case there are zero tile groups.
Otherwise known as a subgop, this is a group of reordered frames. The first frames in the group will be non-shown frames, followed by a sequence of shown frames. A group may either start with a key frame or inter frame.
In the input, this is one picture of YUV data.
In the bitstream, this is a Frame Header followed by zero or more Tile Groups.
With reordering, there will be more frames in the output than the input, but some will not be shown.
A sequence of groups. The first group will start with a keyframe, and the rest of the groups will start with inter frames.
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