Commit d78dc363 authored by Josh Holmer's avatar Josh Holmer Committed by Thomas Daede

Fix issue where AWCY script fails with str concat and fails if multiple

attempts with same commit
parent 01fe6015
......@@ -57,12 +57,11 @@ if args.prefix is None:
args.prefix = args.branch
commit = subprocess.check_output('git rev-parse HEAD',shell=True).strip()
short = subprocess.check_output('git rev-parse --short HEAD',shell=True).strip()
date = subprocess.check_output(['git','show','-s','--format=%ci',commit]).strip()
date_short = date.split()[0]
short = subprocess.check_output('git rev-parse --short HEAD',shell=True).strip().decode("utf-8")
date = GetTime().strip()
date_short = date.split()[0]+'_'+date.split()[1].split('.')[0].replace(':', '')
user = args.prefix
is_master = args.master
run_id = user+'-'+date_short+'-'+short
print(GetTime(), 'Creating run '+run_id)
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