New features:

  • Enabled assembly for Windows x86_64 builds.
  • Speed-ups in Motion Estimation, with new x86/x86_64 simd optimizations.
  • Diamond Search in motion estimation.
  • RDO Speedups


  • Fix the memory allocation alignment issues found on windows x86_64.
  • Fix container_sequence_header()
  • Additional fixes to the 422 codepaths.
  • More smaller and larger bugfixes

API Changes:

  • Large simplification: now it is possible to encode by using onlysend_frame() and receive_packet().
  • Update and document EncoderStatus variants.

Internal changes:

  • Lots of refactoring to prepare for new features (tile support, tile and segment threading)
  • Improvements to debug builds and tests to accelerate development
  • Additional tests