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  • 20190430
    ef7a66a2 · Document EncoderConfig v2 ·
    Release 20190430

    New features


    • Unbreak building on non-x86
    • Make sure avx2 code is not called if only avx is present

    API Changes

    • set_limit() has been dropped. Use flush() instead.


    • More coding lint enabled
    • Additional speedups
    • More documentation added
  • 20190406
    Release 20190406

    New features:

    • Enabled assembly for Windows x86_64 builds.
    • Speed-ups in Motion Estimation, with new x86/x86_64 simd optimizations.
    • Diamond Search in motion estimation.
    • RDO Speedups


    • Fix the memory allocation alignment issues found on windows x86_64.
    • Fix container_sequence_header()
    • Additional fixes to the 422 codepaths.
    • More smaller and larger bugfixes

    API Changes:

    • Large simplification: now it is possible to encode by using onlysend_frame() and receive_packet().
    • Update and document EncoderStatus variants.

    Internal changes:

    • Lots of refactoring to prepare for new features (tile support, tile and segment threading)
    • Improvements to debug builds and tests to accelerate development
    • Additional tests
  • 20190309
    Release 20190309

    New Features:

    • Fast 8bit codepath
    • Shell auto-completion support
    • Add a --skip option


    • Depend on a y4m version that properly supports odd-dimensioned content
    • Fix and enable directional intra prediction modes

    API Changes:

    • Add an explicit thread field in the Configuration to manage the threadpool using the API
    • Cap the default threadpool to 4 maximum threads
    • Default the tuning to psy
    • Remove the explicit lookahead logic from the API
  • 20190219
    Release 20190219


    • speed 0 is now up to 3x faster with no quality loss due to new early-exit implementation
    • support for writing keyframe locations to a file for chunked encoders
    • initial threading support (motion estimation only)
    • tweaked quantizer modulation for better quality
    • one-pass rate control
    • 10% faster at speeds 3 and above due to addition of diamond me
    • preparations for fast 8-bit mode


    • bugfixes for HDR and colorspace obus (#977)
  • 20190212
    Release 20190212
    • Workaround #987 pending a proper fix
    • Further quality tuning
  • 20190205
    Release 20190205
    • New Features
      • HDR metadata support (HDR10 aka SMPTE-2086 aka CEA-861.3)
    • Improvements
      • Psychovisual tuning (please tell us on #933 if it works for your use-cases)
    • Bugfixes:
      • #890 Infinite loop on clips shorter than 10 frames
    • New defaults:
      • Low latency OFF
      • Psychovisual ON
  • 20190129
    Release 20190129

    First pre-release to help with the packaging effort (see #886)