Commit 782684ad authored by Ewout ter Hoeven's avatar Ewout ter Hoeven Committed by Thomas Daede

Update AppVeyor secure token

Updates the secure authentication token with Thomas Daede's, which allows AppVeyor to push artifacts to GitHub Releases
parent 200a55e2
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ deploy:
- provider: GitHub
artifact: target\$(target)\release\rav1e.exe
secure: hY5Mk6KOwgQ97TzEBsM7Woqr1ZIm5QTvHg8EvxMV1x8j3wk/3mNBMqWFFbEIBK0i
secure: 'LPBjNyFOg+vBkVR4w+89YVNhByaXBGNwtN6UwkFkWTfPow5oeCbFMtJavU9ZLs+c'
prerelease: true
appveyor_repo_tag: true
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