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    autotools: Use AC_CANONICAL_HOST · 5fd186e2
    Ralph Giles authored
    We were calling AC_CANONICAL_TARGET in configure.ac under the
    mistaken impression that this allowed setting the target
    architecture for cross-compilation output.
    However, in GNU terminology the system type that this the
    target of cross-compilation is the "host" and "target"
    is reserved for setting what the output of the compiled
    application should itself target, when compiling a
    cross-compiler. Finally "build" is the system type the
    build system is itself running under.
    So to cross-compile, one invokes `./configure --host ...`
    not `--target`.
    In any case, we only make use of the `host` variable,
    so that is the macro we need to invoke to provide it.
    Thanks to Maarten Bosmans for reporting the issue.
    Signed-off-by: Marvin Scholz's avatarMarvin Scholz <epirat07@gmail.com>
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