Commit 68ebc894 authored by Jörn Heusipp's avatar Jörn Heusipp Committed by Timothy B. Terriberry
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Fix reading maximum, nominal, minimum bitrate in _vorbis_unpack_info().

these fields as 32bit signed. oggpack_read(opb,32), which is used to
read these fields, returns 32 bits stored in a long. On architectures
where long is 64bit, this results in a positive value being returned.
This value is then stored in struct vorbis_info in bitrate_upper,
bitrate_nominal and bitrate_lower, also as long. ogginfo relies on
these values in order to display the respective header fields and thus
misrepresented the stored value -1 (which has the intended meaning of
"bitrate not set") as 2**32-1 on architectures where long is 64bit.

Explicitly cast the return value of oggpack_read() to a signed 32bit
integer type.

A nominal bitrate value of -1 is valid as per specification, and is
written by libvorbis for VBR files with samplerate >= 50000Hz.
Signed-off-by: Timothy B. Terriberry's avatarTimothy B. Terriberry <>
parent 679433eb
...@@ -211,9 +211,9 @@ static int _vorbis_unpack_info(vorbis_info *vi,oggpack_buffer *opb){ ...@@ -211,9 +211,9 @@ static int _vorbis_unpack_info(vorbis_info *vi,oggpack_buffer *opb){
vi->channels=oggpack_read(opb,8); vi->channels=oggpack_read(opb,8);
vi->rate=oggpack_read(opb,32); vi->rate=oggpack_read(opb,32);
vi->bitrate_upper=oggpack_read(opb,32); vi->bitrate_upper=(ogg_int32_t)oggpack_read(opb,32);
vi->bitrate_nominal=oggpack_read(opb,32); vi->bitrate_nominal=(ogg_int32_t)oggpack_read(opb,32);
vi->bitrate_lower=oggpack_read(opb,32); vi->bitrate_lower=(ogg_int32_t)oggpack_read(opb,32);
ci->blocksizes[0]=1<<oggpack_read(opb,4); ci->blocksizes[0]=1<<oggpack_read(opb,4);
ci->blocksizes[1]=1<<oggpack_read(opb,4); ci->blocksizes[1]=1<<oggpack_read(opb,4);
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