Commit e74456ac authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews
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vorbisenc: detect if new_template is NULL

Fixes #1975
parent 4d6177c8
...@@ -1210,7 +1210,7 @@ int vorbis_encode_ctl(vorbis_info *vi,int number,void *arg){ ...@@ -1210,7 +1210,7 @@ int vorbis_encode_ctl(vorbis_info *vi,int number,void *arg){
hi->req, hi->req,
hi->managed, hi->managed,
&new_base); &new_base);
if(!hi->setup)return OV_EIMPL; if(!new_template)return OV_EIMPL;
hi->setup=new_template; hi->setup=new_template;
hi->base_setting=new_base; hi->base_setting=new_base;
vorbis_encode_setup_setting(vi,vi->channels,vi->rate); vorbis_encode_setup_setting(vi,vi->channels,vi->rate);
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