Commit 210a8afa authored by Ron's avatar Ron
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Add an update-doc-version target

This is similar to the automation we added to libogg, it needs to be
invoked manually after the package version is changed in
when the documentation boilerplate needs to be updated for a release.
parent 651e2fa2
......@@ -44,3 +44,17 @@ doc_DATA = ao_append_option.html \
@YEAR=$$(date +%Y); DAY=$$(date +%Y%m%d); \
for f in $(srcdir)/*.html; do \
sed -e "s/2010-[0-9]\{4\} Monty/2010-$$YEAR Monty/g" \
-e "s/libao version [0-9. -]\+/libao version $(VERSION) - $$DAY/g" \
< $$f > $$f.tmp; \
if diff -q $$f $$f.tmp > /dev/null; then \
rm $$f.tmp; \
else \
mv $$f.tmp $$f; \
fi; \
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