Commit 5cc6bf5e authored by Kyle McKay's avatar Kyle McKay 💬

mincurses.c: use cursor_normal to disable cursor_invisible

There are actually three capabilities:


The "cursor_normal" string disables both "cursor_invisible" and
"cursor_visible".  The actual meaning of "cursor_visible" is to
make the cursor "very visible."

Prefer using "cursor_normal" to disable "cursor_invisible".

Not all terminals have a "cursor_visible" string and it's not the
opposite of "cursor_invisible" anyway.

In the off chance that a terminal description has been created
incorrectly, if "cursor_normal" is not available but "cursor_visible"
is, it will be used instead (just like the previous code did).
Signed-off-by: Kyle McKay's avatarKyle J. McKay <>
parent c1b092e6
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...@@ -491,7 +491,10 @@ int min_hidecur(){ ...@@ -491,7 +491,10 @@ int min_hidecur(){
} }
int min_showcur(){ int min_showcur(){
if(cursor_visible){ if(cursor_normal){
return 0;
}else if(cursor_visible){
min_putp(cursor_visible); min_putp(cursor_visible);
return 0; return 0;
}else }else
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