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    Entropy coder clean-up. · 30df6cf3
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    This simplifies a good bit of the error handling, and should make it
     impossible to overrun the buffer in the encoder or decoder, while
     still allowing tell() to operate correctly after a bust.
    The encoder now tries to keep the range coder data intact after a
     bust instead of corrupting it with extra bits data, though this is
     not a guarantee (too many extra bits may have already been flushed).
    It also now correctly reports errors when the bust occurs merging the
     last byte of range coder and extra bits.
    A number of abstraction barrier violations were cleaned up, as well.
    This patch also includes a number of minor performance improvements:
     ec_{enc|dec}_bits() in particular should be much faster.
    Finally, tf_select was changed to be coded with the range coder
     rather than extra bits, so that it is at the front of the packet
     (for unequal error protection robustness).
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