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    Eliminate the ec_int32 and ec_uint32 typedefs. · 9bac8c17
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    These were used because the entropy coder originally came from
     outside libcelt, and thus did not have a common type system.
    It's now undergone enough modification that it's not ever likely to
     be used as-is in another codec without some porting effort, so
     there's no real reason to maintain the typedefs separately.
    Hopefully we'll replace these all again somedate with a common set
     of Opus typedefs, but for now this will do.
    This fixes an issue caused by commit 6c8acbf1, which moved the
     ec_ilog() prototype from entcode.h to ecintrin.h, where the
     ec_uint32 typedef was not yet available.
    Thanks to John Ridges for the report.
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