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    SILK fixes following last codec WG meeting · bf75c8ec
    Koen Vos authored
    - fixed incorrect scaling of filter states for the smallest quantization
      step sizes
    - NLSF2A now limits the prediction gain of LPC filters
    - increased damping of LTP coefficients in LTP analysis
    - increased white noise fraction in noise shaping LPC analysis
    - introduced maximum total prediction gain.  Used by Burg's method to
      exit early if prediction gain is exceeded.  This improves packet
      loss robustness and numerical robustness in Burg's method
    - Prefiltered signal is now in int32 Q10 domain, from int16 Q0
    - Increased max number of iterations in CBR gain control loop from 5 to 6
    - Removed useless code from LTP scaling control
    - Optimization: smarter LPC loop unrolling
    - Switched default win32 compile mode to be floating-point
    - made resampler have constant delay of 0.75 ms; removed delay
      compensation from silk code.
    - removed obsolete table entries (~850 Bytes)
    - increased downsampling filter order from 16 to 18/24/36 (dep...
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