Commit 05291fd6 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Fixed-point: slight accuracy improvement in the comb filter

parent 30f52cbe
......@@ -131,12 +131,12 @@ void comb_filter(opus_val32 *y, opus_val32 *x, int T0, int T1, int N,
OPUS_MOVE(y, x, N);
g00 = MULT16_16_Q15(g0, gains[tapset0][0]);
g01 = MULT16_16_Q15(g0, gains[tapset0][1]);
g02 = MULT16_16_Q15(g0, gains[tapset0][2]);
g10 = MULT16_16_Q15(g1, gains[tapset1][0]);
g11 = MULT16_16_Q15(g1, gains[tapset1][1]);
g12 = MULT16_16_Q15(g1, gains[tapset1][2]);
g00 = MULT16_16_P15(g0, gains[tapset0][0]);
g01 = MULT16_16_P15(g0, gains[tapset0][1]);
g02 = MULT16_16_P15(g0, gains[tapset0][2]);
g10 = MULT16_16_P15(g1, gains[tapset1][0]);
g11 = MULT16_16_P15(g1, gains[tapset1][1]);
g12 = MULT16_16_P15(g1, gains[tapset1][2]);
x1 = x[-T1+1];
x2 = x[-T1 ];
x3 = x[-T1-1];
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