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Reference vorbis source code for lpc coefficient calculation.

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......@@ -1256,7 +1256,7 @@ This ensures that the encoded file has the same duration as the original, with
<section anchor="lpc" title="LPC Extrapolation">
The first step in LPC extrapolation is to compute linear prediction
coefficients. <xref target="lpc-sample"/>
When extending the end of the signal, order-N (typically with N ranging from 8
to 40) LPC analysis is performed on a window near the end of the signal.
The last N samples are used as memory to an infinite impulse response (IIR)
......@@ -1485,6 +1485,18 @@ The authors agree to grant third parties the irrevocable right to copy, use,
<reference anchor="lpc-sample"
<title>Autocorrelation LPC coeff generation algorithm
(vorbis source code)</title>
<author initials="J." surname="Degener" fullname="Jutta Degener"/>
<author initials="C." surname="Bormann" fullname="Carsten Bormann"/>
<date month="November" year="1994"/>
<reference anchor="replay-gain"
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