Commit 0ec7c14e authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Unb0rked a fixed-point regression caused in 7bb339d9

parent b155bb88
......@@ -206,16 +206,17 @@ void alg_quant(celt_norm_t *X, celt_mask_t *W, int N, int K, const celt_norm_t *
celt_word16_t best_num = -VERY_LARGE16;
celt_word16_t best_den = 0;
int best_id = 0;
celt_word16_t magnitude = SHL16(1, yshift);
/* The squared magnitude term gets added anyway, so we might as well
add it outside the loop */
yy = MAC16_16(yy, 1,1);
yy = MAC16_16(yy, magnitude,magnitude);
do {
celt_word16_t Rxy, Ryy, Ryp;
celt_word16_t num;
/* Select sign based on X[j] alone */
s = signx[j];
s = MULT16_16(signx[j],magnitude);
/* Temporary sums of the new pulse(s) */
Rxy = ROUND16(MAC16_16(xy, s,X[j]), 14);
/* We're multiplying y[j] by two so we don't have to do it here */
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