Commit 24539c4d authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Make align() work even on machines with 32-bit chars

parent e90adb00
......@@ -110,10 +110,15 @@ int opus_decode_native(OpusDecoder *st, const unsigned char *data, opus_int32 le
/* Make sure everything is properly aligned. */
static OPUS_INLINE int align(int i)
int size;
/* Alignment is determined by the max size of void*, opus_int32 and opus_val32,
rounded up to the nearest power of two. */
int size = 1 << EC_ILOG(((sizeof(opus_int32)-1)|(sizeof(opus_val32)-1)|(sizeof(void*)-1)));
return (i+(int)size-1)&-(int)size;
int tmp = (sizeof(opus_int32)-1)|(sizeof(opus_val32)-1)|(sizeof(void*)-1);
if (tmp == 0)
size = 1;
size = 1 << EC_ILOG(tmp);
return (i+size-1)&-size;
int opus_packet_parse_impl(const unsigned char *data, opus_int32 len,
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