Commit 2b35de91 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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fixed-point: Using reciproqual instead of DIV32_16 for find_spectral_pitch()

parent 679f5cc6
......@@ -170,7 +170,8 @@ void find_spectral_pitch(kiss_fftr_cfg fft, const struct PsyDecay *decay, const
celt_word16_t n;
celt_word32_t tmp;
/*printf ("%d %d ", X[2*i]*X[2*i]+X[2*i+1]*X[2*i+1], Y[2*i]*Y[2*i]+Y[2*i+1]*Y[2*i+1]);*/
n = DIV32_16(Q15ONE,celt_sqrt(EPSILON+curve[i]));
/*n = DIV32_16(Q15ONE,celt_sqrt(EPSILON+curve[i]));*/
n = ROUND(celt_rcp(celt_sqrt(EPSILON+curve[i])),16);
/*printf ("%f ", n);*/
tmp = X[2*i];
X[2*i] = MULT16_32_Q15(n, ADD32(MULT16_16(X[2*i ],Y[2*i ]), MULT16_16(X[2*i+1],Y[2*i+1])));
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