Commit 3ec78b17 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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More accurate sqrt approximation using MULT16_16_Q15() instead of Q14.

parent f823f409
......@@ -67,14 +67,17 @@ static inline celt_int16_t celt_ilog2(celt_word32_t x)
static inline celt_word32_t celt_sqrt(celt_word32_t x)
int k;
//printf ("%d ", x);
celt_word16_t n;
celt_word32_t rt;
/* ((EC_ILOG(x)-1)>>1) is just the int log4(x) (EC_ILOG returns log2 + 1) */
k = ((EC_ILOG(x)-1)>>1)-6;
const celt_word16_t C[5] = {23174, 11584, -3011, 1570, -557};
if (x==0)
return 0;
k = (celt_ilog2(x)>>1)-7;
x = VSHR32(x, (k<<1));
rt = ADD16(C0, MULT16_16_Q14(x, ADD16(C1, MULT16_16_Q14(x, ADD16(C2, MULT16_16_Q14(x, (C3)))))));
n = x-32768;
rt = ADD16(C[0], MULT16_16_Q15(n, ADD16(C[1], MULT16_16_Q15(n, ADD16(C[2],
MULT16_16_Q15(n, ADD16(C[3], MULT16_16_Q15(n, (C[4])))))))));
rt = VSHR32(rt,7-k);
//printf ("%d\n", rt);
return rt;
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