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Document the motivation for the 120 ms repacketizer limit.

See the mailing list discussion at
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......@@ -616,7 +616,10 @@ OPUS_EXPORT void opus_pcm_soft_clip(float *pcm, int frame_size, int channels, fl
* merged. Splitting valid Opus packets is always guaranteed to succeed,
* whereas merging valid packets only succeeds if all frames have the same
* mode, bandwidth, and frame size, and when the total duration of the merged
* packet is no more than 120 ms.
* packet is no more than 120 ms. The 120 ms limit comes from the
* specification and limits decoder memory requirements at a point where
* framing overhead becomes negligible.
* The repacketizer currently only operates on elementary Opus
* streams. It will not manipualte multistream packets successfully, except in
* the degenerate case where they consist of data from a single stream.
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