Commit 5e0c904e authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles
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oggopus: Fix opus_encode_ctl invocations.

The macros take arguments, they aren't just constants. Thanks to
mark4o for the report.
parent 3731a57a
......@@ -1309,7 +1309,7 @@ In encoders derived from the reference implementation, the number of
samples can be queried with:
<artwork align="center"><![CDATA[
opus_encoder_ctl(encoder_state, OPUS_GET_LOOKAHEAD, &delay_samples);
opus_encoder_ctl(encoder_state, OPUS_GET_LOOKAHEAD(&delay_samples));
......@@ -1391,7 +1391,7 @@ In encoders derived from the reference implementation, inter-frame prediction
can be turned off by calling:
<artwork align="center"><![CDATA[
opus_encoder_ctl(encoder_state, OPUS_SET_PREDICTION_DISABLED, 1);
opus_encoder_ctl(encoder_state, OPUS_SET_PREDICTION_DISABLED(1));
For best results, this implementation requires that prediction be explicitly
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