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Improvements to static modes

parent 29f52990
......@@ -50,68 +50,102 @@
void dump_modes(FILE *file, CELTMode *modes, int nb_modes)
void dump_modes(FILE *file, CELTMode **modes, int nb_modes)
int i, j;
for (i=0;i<nb_modes;i++)
CELTMode *mode = modes[i];
fprintf(file, "#include \"modes.h\"\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf (file, "const int eBands%d_%d[%d] = {\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize, modes->nbEBands+2);
for (j=0;j<modes->nbEBands+2;j++)
fprintf (file, "%d, ", modes->eBands[j]);
fprintf(file, "#ifndef DEF_EBANDS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "#define DEF_EBANDS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf (file, "const int eBands%d_%d[%d] = {\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize, mode->nbEBands+2);
for (j=0;j<mode->nbEBands+2;j++)
fprintf (file, "%d, ", mode->eBands[j]);
fprintf (file, "};\n");
fprintf(file, "#endif\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf (file, "const int pBands%d_%d[%d] = {\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize, modes->nbPBands+2);
for (j=0;j<modes->nbPBands+2;j++)
fprintf (file, "%d, ", modes->pBands[j]);
fprintf(file, "#ifndef DEF_PBANDS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "#define DEF_PBANDS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf (file, "const int pBands%d_%d[%d] = {\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize, mode->nbPBands+2);
for (j=0;j<mode->nbPBands+2;j++)
fprintf (file, "%d, ", mode->pBands[j]);
printf ("};\n");
fprintf(file, "#endif\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf (file, "const celt_word16_t window%d[%d] = {\n", modes->overlap, modes->overlap);
for (j=0;j<modes->overlap;j++)
fprintf (file, WORD16 ", ", modes->window[j]);
fprintf(file, "#ifndef DEF_WINDOW%d\n", mode->overlap);
fprintf(file, "#define DEF_WINDOW%d\n", mode->overlap);
fprintf (file, "const celt_word16_t window%d[%d] = {\n", mode->overlap, mode->overlap);
for (j=0;j<mode->overlap;j++)
fprintf (file, WORD16 ", ", mode->window[j]);
printf ("};\n");
fprintf(file, "#endif\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf (file, "const int allocVectors%d_%d[%d] = {\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize, modes->nbEBands*modes->nbAllocVectors);
for (j=0;j<modes->nbAllocVectors;j++)
fprintf(file, "#ifndef DEF_ALLOC_VECTORS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "#define DEF_ALLOC_VECTORS%d_%d\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf (file, "const int allocVectors%d_%d[%d] = {\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize, mode->nbEBands*mode->nbAllocVectors);
for (j=0;j<mode->nbAllocVectors;j++)
int k;
for (k=0;k<modes->nbEBands;k++)
fprintf (file, "%2d, ", modes->allocVectors[j*modes->nbEBands+k]);
for (k=0;k<mode->nbEBands;k++)
fprintf (file, "%2d, ", mode->allocVectors[j*mode->nbEBands+k]);
fprintf (file, "\n");
fprintf (file, "};\n");
fprintf(file, "#endif\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf(file, "CELTMode mode%d_%d_%d_%d = {\n", modes->Fs, modes->nbChannels, modes->mdctSize, modes->overlap);
fprintf(file, "CELTMode mode%d_%d_%d_%d = {\n", mode->Fs, mode->nbChannels, mode->mdctSize, mode->overlap);
fprintf(file, "0x%x,\t/* marker */\n", 0xa110ca7e);
fprintf(file, INT32 ",\t/* Fs */\n", modes->Fs);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* overlap */\n", modes->overlap);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* mdctSize */\n", modes->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbMdctBlocks */\n", modes->nbMdctBlocks);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbChannels */\n", modes->nbChannels);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbEBands */\n", modes->nbEBands);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbPBands */\n", modes->nbPBands);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* pitchEnd */\n", modes->pitchEnd);
fprintf(file, "eBands%d_%d,\t/* eBands */\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "pBands%d_%d,\t/* pBands */\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, WORD16 ",\t/* ePredCoef */\n", modes->ePredCoef);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbAllocVectors */\n", modes->nbAllocVectors);
fprintf(file, "allocVectors%d_%d,\t/* allocVectors */\n", modes->Fs, modes->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, INT32 ",\t/* Fs */\n", mode->Fs);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* overlap */\n", mode->overlap);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* mdctSize */\n", mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbMdctBlocks */\n", mode->nbMdctBlocks);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbChannels */\n", mode->nbChannels);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbEBands */\n", mode->nbEBands);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbPBands */\n", mode->nbPBands);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* pitchEnd */\n", mode->pitchEnd);
fprintf(file, "eBands%d_%d,\t/* eBands */\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "pBands%d_%d,\t/* pBands */\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, WORD16 ",\t/* ePredCoef */\n", mode->ePredCoef);
fprintf(file, "%d,\t/* nbAllocVectors */\n", mode->nbAllocVectors);
fprintf(file, "allocVectors%d_%d,\t/* allocVectors */\n", mode->Fs, mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "0,\t/* bits */\n");
fprintf(file, "{%d, 0, 0},\t/* mdct */\n", 2*modes->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "window%d,\t/* window */\n", modes->overlap);
fprintf(file, "{%d, 0, 0},\t/* mdct */\n", 2*mode->mdctSize);
fprintf(file, "window%d,\t/* window */\n", mode->overlap);
fprintf(file, "{0},\t/* psy */\n");
fprintf(file, "0x%x,\t/* marker */\n", 0xa110ca7e);
fprintf(file, "};\n");
fprintf(file, "\n");
fprintf(file, "/* List of all the available modes */\n");
fprintf(file, "#define TOTAL_MODES %d\n", nb_modes);
fprintf(file, "const CELTMode *static_mode_list[TOTAL_MODES] = {\n");
for (i=0;i<nb_modes;i++)
CELTMode *mode = modes[i];
fprintf(file, "&mode%d_%d_%d_%d,\n", mode->Fs, mode->nbChannels, mode->mdctSize, mode->overlap);
fprintf(file, "};\n");
#if 0
#if 1
int main()
CELTMode *m = celt_mode_create(44100, 1, 256, 128, NULL);
dump_modes(stdout, m, 1);
CELTMode *m[3];
m[0] = celt_mode_create(44100, 1, 256, 128, NULL);
m[1] = celt_mode_create(48000, 1, 256, 128, NULL);
m[2] = celt_mode_create(51200, 1, 256, 128, NULL);
dump_modes(stdout, m, 3);
return 0;
......@@ -220,7 +220,26 @@ static void compute_allocation_table(CELTMode *mode, int res)
CELTMode *celt_mode_create(celt_int32_t Fs, int channels, int frame_size, int lookahead, int *error)
CELTMode *mode = (CELTMode*)&mode44100_1_256_128;
CELTMode *mode = NULL;
int i;
for (i=0;i<TOTAL_MODES;i++)
if (Fs == static_mode_list[i]->Fs &&
channels == static_mode_list[i]->nbChannels &&
frame_size == static_mode_list[i]->mdctSize &&
lookahead == static_mode_list[i]->overlap)
mode = static_mode_list[i];
if (mode == NULL)
celt_warning("Mode not included as part of the static modes");
if (error)
*error = CELT_BAD_ARG;
return NULL;
int res;
int i;
......@@ -289,7 +308,8 @@ CELTMode *celt_mode_create(celt_int32_t Fs, int channels, int frame_size, int lo
mdct_init(&mode->mdct, 2*mode->mdctSize);
psydecay_init(&mode->psy, MAX_PERIOD/2, mode->Fs);
if (error)
*error = CELT_OK;
return mode;
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