Commit 68c54857 authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles

oggopus: Add IANA considerations.

I *think* all we need to do is document this and the RFC editors
will take care of it.
parent ee822e9f
......@@ -1503,11 +1503,20 @@ Such streams are not strictly "Ogg Opus files" as described above,
multiplexed segment, e.g. video or multiple audio tracks.
In such cases the the '.opus' filename extension is NOT RECOMMENDED.
In either case, this document updates <xref target="RFC5334"/>
to add 'opus' as a codecs parameter value with char[8]: 'OpusHead'
as Codec Identifier.
<section title="IANA Considerations">
This document has no actions for IANA.
This document updates the IANA Media Types registery to add .opus
as a file extension for "audio/ogg", and to add itself as a reference
alongside <xref target="RFC5334"/> for "audio/ogg", "video/ogg", and
"application/ogg" Media Types.
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