Commit 78fc664c authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin

Boosting the high-band bitrate on transients for hybrid mode

parent 34da05b3
......@@ -1939,10 +1939,13 @@ int celt_encode_with_ec(CELTEncoder * OPUS_RESTRICT st, const opus_val16 * pcm,
/* Tonal frames (offset<100) need more bits than noisy (offset>100) ones. */
if (st->silk_info.offset < 100) target += 12 << BITRES >> (3-LM);
if (st->silk_info.offset > 100) target -= 18 << BITRES >> (3-LM);
/* Boosting bitrate on transients and vowels with significant temporal
spikes. */
target += MULT16_16_Q14(tf_estimate-QCONST16(.25f,14), (50<<BITRES));
/* If we have a strong transient, let's make sure it has enough bits to code
the first two bands, so that it can use folding rather than noise. */
if (tf_estimate > QCONST16(.7f,14))
target = IMAX(base_target, 50<<BITRES);
target = IMAX(target, 50<<BITRES);
/* The current offset is removed from the target and the space used
so far is added*/
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