Commit 7a7c42a7 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Fixing a few memory errors

parent 065dafdc
......@@ -1234,11 +1234,11 @@ static void celt_decode_lost(CELTDecoder * restrict st, celt_word16 * restrict p
if (st->loss_count == 0)
celt_word16 pitch_buf[MAX_PERIOD];
celt_word16 pitch_buf[MAX_PERIOD>>1];
celt_word32 tmp=0;
/*find_spectral_pitch(st->mode, st->mode->fft, &st->mode->psy, st->out_mem+MAX_PERIOD-len, st->out_mem, st->mode->window, NULL, len, MAX_PERIOD-len-100, &pitch_index, C);*/
/* FIXME: Should do a bit of interpolation while decimating */
for (i=0;i<MAX_PERIOD;i++)
for (i=0;i<MAX_PERIOD>>1;i++)
pitch_buf[i] = EXTRACT16(SHR32(st->out_mem[2*i], SIG_SHIFT));
find_temporal_pitch(st->mode, st->out_mem+MAX_PERIOD-len, pitch_buf, len, MAX_PERIOD-len-100, &pitch_index, C, &tmp);
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ void find_temporal_pitch(const CELTMode *m, const celt_sig * restrict x, celt_wo
*pitch = 2*best_pitch[0]-offset;
CELT_COPY(y, y+(N>>1), (lag-N)>>1);
CELT_MOVE(y, y+(N>>1), (lag-N)>>1);
CELT_COPY(y+((lag-N)>>1), x_lp, N>>1);
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