Commit 811dc742 authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles Committed by Ralph Giles

Suggest OPUS_LSB_DEPTH(14) for G.711. r=td-linux,mark4o

This is a reasonable choice for the (non-linear) dynamic
range of mu-law. A-law is technically 13 bit, maybe 12;
experimentation is needed.

Per irc discussion with Jean-Marc, Ron, and Mark Harris.
parent 98b59a30
......@@ -523,10 +523,19 @@ extern "C" {
* @hideinitializer */
#define OPUS_GET_DTX(x) OPUS_GET_DTX_REQUEST, __opus_check_int_ptr(x)
/** Configures the depth of signal being encoded.
* This is a hint which helps the encoder identify silence and near-silence.
* It represents the number of significant bits of linear intensity below
* which the signal contains ignorable quantization or other noise.
* For example, OPUS_SET_LSB_DEPTH(14) would be an appropriate setting
* for G.711 u-law input. OPUS_SET_LSB_DEPTH(16) would be appropriate
* for 16-bit linear pcm input with opus_encode_float().
* When using opus_encode() instead of opus_encode_float(), or when libopus
* is compiled for fixed-point, the encoder uses the minimum of the value
* set here and the value 16.
* @param[in] x <tt>opus_int32</tt>: Input precision in bits, between 8 and 24
* (default: 24).
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