Commit 81af2595 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Another aliasing hack in the SILK PLC with SMALL_FOOTPRINT

parent e17ca256
......@@ -181,15 +181,24 @@ static OPUS_INLINE void silk_PLC_conceal(
opus_int32 *sLPC_Q14_ptr;
VARDECL( opus_int16, exc_buf );
opus_int16 A_Q12[ MAX_LPC_ORDER ];
opus_int16 *sLTP;
VARDECL( opus_int16, sLTP );
VARDECL( opus_int32, sLTP_Q14 );
silk_PLC_struct *psPLC = &psDec->sPLC;
opus_int32 prevGain_Q10[2];
ALLOC( exc_buf, 2*psPLC->subfr_length, opus_int16 );
ALLOC( sLTP, psDec->ltp_mem_length, opus_int16 );
ALLOC( sLTP_Q14, psDec->ltp_mem_length + psDec->frame_length, opus_int32 );
/* Ugly hack that breaks aliasing rules to save stack: put sLTP at the very end of sLTP_Q14. */
sLTP = ((opus_int16*)&sLTP_Q14[psDec->ltp_mem_length + psDec->frame_length])-psDec->ltp_mem_length;
ALLOC( sLTP, psDec->ltp_mem_length, opus_int16 );
prevGain_Q10[0] = silk_RSHIFT( psPLC->prevGain_Q16[ 0 ], 6);
prevGain_Q10[1] = silk_RSHIFT( psPLC->prevGain_Q16[ 1 ], 6);
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