Commit 8a7543c4 authored by Gregory Maxwell's avatar Gregory Maxwell
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Remove warning added by 4cc9a459.

parent 4cc9a459
......@@ -322,8 +322,8 @@ static int opus_decode_frame(OpusDecoder *st, const unsigned char *data,
if (redundancy)
celt_to_silk = ec_dec_bit_logp(&dec, 1);
/*Due to the ec_tell check above redundancy_bytes will be at least two for hybrid*/
redundancy_bytes = mode==MODE_HYBRID ? ec_dec_uint(&dec, 256)+2 : len-((ec_tell(&dec)+7)>>3);
/* redundancy_bytes will be at least two, in the non-hybrid case due to the ec_tell() check above */
redundancy_bytes = mode==MODE_HYBRID ? (opus_int32)ec_dec_uint(&dec, 256)+2 : len-((ec_tell(&dec)+7)>>3);
len -= redundancy_bytes;
if (len<0)
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