Commit 8adff0bb authored by Mark Harris's avatar Mark Harris Committed by Jean-Marc Valin

Fix const struct to work with C++ compilation

This allows the libopus source files to be compiled with a C++ compiler,
by ensuring that the "extern const MLP net" declaration is visible at
the point of the "const MLP net" in src/mlp_data.c.  Otherwise it will
default to static linkage in C++, resulting in an undefined symbol.

Note that if compiled with a C++ compiler the symbols will be mangled,
so don't do that if you want to be able to call it from C code or run
the tests (which still require a C compiler).
parent 4feb0dff
......@@ -39,8 +39,6 @@
#include "mlp.h"
#include "stack_alloc.h"
extern const MLP net;
#ifndef M_PI
#define M_PI 3.141592653
......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ typedef struct {
const float *weights;
} MLP;
extern const MLP net;
void mlp_process(const MLP *m, const float *in, float *out);
#endif /* _MLP_H_ */
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